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Scott Sigler’s Ancestor

AncestorHot on the heals on Earthcore, Scott Sigler is Podcasting his next book, Ancestor. I’ve been batching up a few episodes at a time and listening to them in the car on the way to work. Earthcore was really good, but this story is even more exciting. Great job Scott, can’t wait to see the movie 🙂

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  1. Scott Sigler says

    Sweet! I’m glad you’re enjoying it — that’s what it’s all about. Working on the movie, could be a few years, so be patient.

  2. Cousin Lynn says

    Hey Cous’,
    I haven’t heard of Earthcore or Ancestor. Sounds like sci-fi reading to me. I’ll wait for the movie(s) and check them out.
    Thanks for your recent comments on my xanga. I checked out the geocaching website, but noticed that the GPS costs $100-$1000…not cheap! I may wait until the spring (when the snow has melted) to investigate this further.

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